PENNKOTE LIMITED is a privately owned Canadian company which manufactures waterproofing membranes, coatings, sealers, air barriers and specialty concrete products for the construction industry. 

In 1967 PENNKOTE began manufacturing a line of fast setting, high strength non-shrink concretes under SPEED CRETE, DURA CRETE and EXPRESS REPAIR trade names. SPEED CRETE is marketed and sold throughout Canada by a well established network of distributors. SPEED CRETE is unquestionably the most popular product of its type in Canada. 


Other product lines have been added over the years. WATERTITE line is a series of related two component rubber compounds such as WATERTITE TPM - a cold applied liquid rubber waterproofing membrane, WATERTITE TPM AIRSEAL - a high quality sprayable air/vapour barrier and WATERTITE WS - a traffic surface used in a wide range of applications suited for both pedestrian and vehicular traffic, including a food grade variety designated and approved for use as a resilient seamless surface for food processing industry.

PENNSYSTEM line is a series of single component, water based protective coatings of which PENNSANITEX is approved by both Agriculture Canada and USDA for walls and ceilings in food processing plants.  PENNSANITEX a tough resilient coating with a high hygiene criteria.

PENNSEALER EE represents a unique group of interactive epoxy urethane emulsion sealers and coatings which include a coal tar modified epoxy emulsion coating for the protection of parking structures and segmental tunnel linings (PENNSEALER EE-CT).

The introduction of eco-friendly BLUESTUFF® and GREENSTUFF® membranes in the early Ninety’s reflects PENNKOTE's continuing commitment to user friendly, non-toxic, solvent-free products which continuously meet the increasing performance demands set by modern building technology.

In 1993 the acceptance of BLUESTUFF® by the Ontario Building Code as the ONLY material allowed in Ontario to replace traditional damproofing, parging and drainage for residential foundations.

Since 1993 our presence in Europe has allowed PENNKOTE to participate and successfully complete numerous construction projects in Russia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and Hungary. Several years ago PENNKOTE INC. started its operation in the United States with offices in Bethesda, Maryland.